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I thoroughly enjoyed this game! A quite unique take on the love and horror genres. The atmos was eerie and had me on edge a few times, thanks for making it. Here is my gameplay video, please take a look :)


I've bought it on steam,nice game!!!


by the way,Taiwan is a part of ChinaTaiwan has been part of China since Song Dynasty,could u please change the logo of tra-chinese to China's flag?



Can't believe it's been like 5 years and I didn't know this game was on Itch too.

This game is so charming, from its style to its atmosphere to its simple but effective romantic-horror story. I love it.

I actually fixed up the English grammar for the devs before the game released - felt good to help out!

Hello! I have no idea if you even check here anymore but i wanted to ask do you remember who created the character design for anita? I really love her design and her story felt very real! I was wondering who made her?

Dear developer, I made it my duty to look through a collection of sites which distribute ripped indie games. Yours is also included in the Horror Archive of the website I would strongly recommend you to send a report to the owner of this site so they shut that down.


Gave it a go...

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This game was absolutely beautiful....a very intresting story and the atmosphere was just scary and amazing!realy a creepy little horror game


I absolutely LOVED this game! Incredibly well done! I did a let's play both of the demo a few months ago and the finished product today. Thank you for making such a fun experience! 

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AHOY THERE, played this game and absolutely loved, also made a three part lets play for my YT channel. Really loved the story and how the graphics gave it an environment like i had never seen before(in a good way)

here is the final part and hope ya enjoy

Hey this games pretty good! I really like how they expanded onto it, i wish they wouldve added more settings, the whole game takes place in the same house as the demo but the story is really interesting from what I understand of it so far and the graphics are good in a cartoonish kind of way, all in all i rate this game a 10 out of pretty good.



How does this differ from the first game, is it an Extended version, the same story but with much more?


It is quite different, but events of the demo will be a part of the full game.


Sort of like Imscared, then? Great!

I think the style and graphics of the first version of the game looked far better than in the new trailer

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No problem. [Added]

Pixel Graphic

Nice i do really like the shader.


Actually, it's not a shader.

heya, love your game... Very inspiring and moving and a little scary but meh, was woundering if we had fanart where would we send it to? Your Twitter appears to be broke :( but anyways i hope you make a sequel or something, im sure we would all enjoy it :)