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This game was amazing! It was clear you put a lot of through into the game because the attention to detail was so clear to see and well thought.

The game has a great charm to it and is really creepy when it needs to be.

I played it on YouTube, I wont link my full video cuz ik people wont want to watch it but I will link the short as that's probably better to see how much I liked the game (just the key moments). There was so much I wanted to fit in a minute cuz the game so entertaining.


I will defo play the full release of the game! Good luck to the creators and if you haven't already. Please give this game a go. Its amazing

10/10 (not that my opinion matters lmao)

Dude, why do you have such low self-esteem? Everything is ok bro

Wdym lol T-T

Yeah im doing decent ty for asking :)

it looked like you have low self-esteem, well, if that’s not the case, then fine


Can the player to be female?

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Man, this is really cool game! It has its own charm. I'm waiting for the next update so much! Really exciting game. Work hard, play hard (c)

it's a pretty good game . and im waiting forthe final version

Bro really like this game so much, loved the Yandere vibe. Please when u release the final version make a ending where the MC saves the Yandere girl and they live together in happinesssssss

Save her from what? the player needs to be saved lol

Love the game, really excited for the full release!

I played the demo some time ago! Here's my take on it! In spanish tho

Achievements, save data, etc.

Please tell me how to completely delete it and start playing from scratch.

Even if I redownload it, it doesn't start from the beginning.


jay played this and I need the final version so he can finish it


Bro really like this game so much, loved the Yandere vibe. Please when u release the final version make a ending where the MC saves the Yandere girl and they live together in happinesssssss

зацените новогодний ролик

Игра топ! Очень жду выхода!

Я совсем не геймер последние 15 лет... Лучше Подождать релиза (или годик) или всё-таки ознакомиться с демо прямо сейчас?!

ознакомиться прямо сейчас

everything about this is so good! can't wait for the full game <3


Great concept and game design, I can't stand the person you play as and that final "scare" was really bad. I really hope the full version of the game doesn't continue down the cringe predictable route it finished on. 

This game is genuinely a masterpiece! Dope as hell, and one hell of a cool concept. Cant wait to buy it!

10/10 Would smash Mita-san.

very excited for the final game!!


Wow, I didn't expect that! Awesome game! Can't wait for the full release :D


I am Very Much down to play the full version when it comes out.


nobdy will understand the HYPE i actually have for this game. im so excited to see the progress in the final game.. im so in love with it genuinely have no words.. ive replayed the demo so many times. thank u like THANKu im obsessed..

Same fr! I can't wait for the FULL GAME release.

you true wanna see mita's ass dont ya? lmao😭

Well... i played the demo time ago... so still waiting for the final release 🤭

j'espère que la suite va sortir sur parce que tout mais jeu sont sortis sur Steam et j'adore vraiment celui là merci de sortir la suite aussi sur


Unique UI design,excellent animation and the perfect environment ,all of these just make me feel like“Me is really in this game,a horror one though." Can't wait to see the full game,I have a feeling that this game will be the best anime horror game I will ever play in 2024.😎


This game is so cute, i love it. Im waiting for the full release. This has so many creative unique features, that i've never seen before, perfect! :D

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This was unexpectedly good, if this was 15% then I am curious about seeing the other 85%, as of now I will support developers, since they made me fell in some sort of love with the game :D


Best game ever... cant wait until full realese


Such an amazing game, the characters are soo good. Looking forward for the future development of this game.

I want the story to continue and I want it to have a happy ending with her🥲😔💗

Ícono de validado por la comunidad


I didn't expect the horror part,  waiting to buy the full game C:

ну все с кайфом, теперь ждем короче 23 февраля и Миту в погонах на танке, а там и 8 марта скоро. без сарказма если что, реально ждем)))

Está bien guapo! Definitivamente lo compraré cuando salga el juego completo!!

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Que jogo! acompanhei no canal do theux e decide jogar tmb, otimo jogo, fofinho e causa uma sensação estranha, mal posso esperar pelo jogo completo

amazing :3

Ansioso pro jogo original !AQUI E BR PORRA

KKKKKKKKKKKKK finalmente um br!

ahhahaha amo jogos indies! esse site é um dos melhores na minha opiniao


Wow, christmas update!!!

i have played every update and it gets better and better cant wait for the full game 

Really good game! I can't wait for full release :) 

Рождественский наряд вышел просто выше всяких похвал! :D

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