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I just watched some  game videos,it's horrible but Anita is so cute!when I was watching the demo,I am always hoping she will appear once again,but..I am afraid some terrible things would happend ,too.I am wondering what killed Anita after watching the greet 9 years ago.It must be a sad but warmhearted story.QAQ

Yo loved the game. Amazingly simple graphics that only cause the experience of the game play to be more intense, nicely perform jump scares and with me playing a little scaredy cat as a main character.

now not joking loved the game and made a two part gameplay of it and hope ya enjoy it.

Yo, I've featured Umfend in my latest Horror Games video! Your game was definitely my favourite out of all the ones included in the video. I loved the pixelated style and the smooth controls! Cheers!

I really like this game. Not sure if that guess I made at the end of the game about what this was about was entirely correct, though.

I like this game very much, it is too fast clearance, I hope the game will have a better ending.

scared the poop out of me

What would be the recommended specs to run this game? Just want to make sure I can run it before trying to do so!

The game runs in low resolution and there aren't many effects, so while we don't know exact specs, the requirements should be low. It was developed on a laptop with an integrated video card after all.

I see! In that case, I will give it a try!

Created an account just for this game. Usually not my type of games, but this one feels different, maybe deeper than a simple horror game. I really hope the full game will be this good, because it be can't better than it is already *-* keep going and good luck ;)


Thank you for kind words and the art, we're really touched! We surely hope that the full game won't disappoint you. :)

What are the songs that play when pressing TAB after finishing the game? Would really appreciate a link or something if possible.

It's an original ambient. We'll think about including it in the full game OST.

Gave it go...

This game was a wild ride for me! The subtle scares, the unknowingness, all I wanted to do was get out of there but, there was only one way to go... Awesome game!!

I have no idea what your game is about... But I really liked, it creep me out like such few games have done. 

Hope you don't mind me making a terrible video about it. 

Hey! I just have to say that this game is really beautiful, and it's not every day to find a game on that has this style. As well as the feeling that you can get in this game. Thanks for making a game like this!

This game has been mixture of fun and jump scares. I had a great time playing it. Awesome work!

Really enjoyed it, and how nothing made sense until the end and even that was left a little open ended. Good job, looking forward to the remaster.

Nice game!, It's a great horror game, give it 4/5, i almost peed my pants while playing xD

Thanks for making this game, And Keep up the good work! :D

This game squeezed a bunch of awkward noises I'm not comfortable with, but here is video evidence. 


I'm so glad I found this game, because this is exactly the type of horror game we need. I just freaking loved playing it through!

Really a great game but I'm also looking for more as well. Happy to hear that a second game is in the works to help elaborate on the story and really expand on such an interesting game! 

Umfend is amazing. Horror games humble me with jumpscares, but this game humbles me in the fact that it is always creepy and I didn't know what was going to happen next. I loved umfend and this is what a horror game should be like. My opinion anyways. I wish there was more. 

I can't handle horror games they make me look like a wuss. watch my video if you guys want to

I made a video, it's a bit boring but check it plzzz thanku.

Pretty swell game! I feel like I understood the point of the story, but if not, lemme know.

Love the extra menu as well! Wish more games did that!

I love this!

I liked the game, and like everyone else I made an unfunny and boring video.

A creepy one ya did here and some of the scares actually got me so good job! I had a lot of fun with this one~

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I had a lot of fun with this game. It was equal parts weird and strange, and gave you enough creepiness to keep you constantly  uncomfortable.  I thought the story was a little hard to follow, but it's a story you have to pay constant attention to in order not to miss anything. 
Kind of hard to do that while recording a Let's play lol

Hey there, fantastic job on this. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Here is a video of my experience with the game if you're into that kind of thing. 

Absolutely crazy, scary and I loved it! Great game. :D

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Fantastic game. Jump scares don't usually get me. However.....

10/10 Would jump again.

This game was such a journey! The art was beautiful, the story was brilliant and the horror was so well thought out! i did discover a bug (or perhaps it was something that randomly happens...idk) where after u go into the ktichen (right afteru see anita sitting behind the the sofa), for some reason, after the lights get turned off the main character does not bring out his flash light. I had to restart the game and everything was perfectly fine

leaving that bug aside, i reeeeally loved this game, this is genuinely the first horror game i actually liked (this is coming from someone who absolutely haaaaates horror games). i am still a little confused on the story though lol 

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Great game i love the pixel art style it fit very well with the game. The doors closing and sounds got me it was really scary for some reason to me it felt a lot like PT. At sometimes it was a bit confusing but apart from that great game.

The game was fairly well made, and I don't know why you'd wanna change the pixel style, it fits very well with the game. It was a very nice experience, a problem I had was trying to walk around in the dark. Either way though great game, it was scary at some points but maybe it was just me being silly.

The game is pretty fun, I had a few issues with walking back and forth waiting for something to happen.



The jumpscares, while scary, are still disappointing. The game is short but it's still enjoyable because of the mysterious Rita. 

The part where everything goes black felt like it was just a thing to make the game longer. I spent well over 20 minutes trying to get past it. I feel like there is an easy way to make your way out of the darkness, maybe with the sound, but I didn't figure it out.

I really liked the game but I have to quit it two times because I was in the dark with no flashlight and no way to tell where I am. btw hoy many of you are in Aihasto?

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