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Omg game is soo good and scary nice job! :) 

I played your game for my 3 scary games series. Your game was the 2nd one in my video. Are we trying to change the past with Anita? Did she die and now haunts us? I have to know more! The demo was great! I bought your game to find out what happened because that ending...left me with questions that need answers.

I dont know whaat this game is reaIIy about?

Gostei muito do jogo,mas infelizmente não consigo avançar na parte da chave,onde você precisa dar para o menino da sombra a comida 3 vezes,devido a um bug,quando vou dar comida pela segunda vez o personagem simplesmente é engolido pelo cenário,literalmente cai do cenário  e fica no escuro absoluto.Já reiniciei,desinstalei,fiz de tudo o possível,mas o bug continua,estou jogando no ps4,se puderem ajudar agradeço.

I really liked the game. Hope you get the sequel

really nice game and had such great vibes about it. well done. 

Gave it a go...

I remember when i played the Demo of this a long Time ago Really Liked it Ill give the Full Game a try to

Unique  graphic  style,  enjoyed the demo. That cliffhanger really did a number on me,considering on purchasing the game. Keep up the amazing work! I did a demo playthrough

GENIAL ha sido muy bueno


Awesome game! Keep it up!

Fricking amazing game! I can't wait to play the full release! :D

hey... I know you...


Oh hey! Fancy seeing you here!! XD You trying out the game?

Awesome game with amazing spooks, keep up the good work and great job!!!


Big pixels, glitching effects, good story. This is an excellent horror game. But my favorite thing about the game is how weird everything becomes while the game progress. 

Fun, scary and just weird. That is how a horror game like this should be.

hi, big thx for this great scary game experience. i love it. greetings from germany

Great, now my crazy crush will murder me in 4K

This game is the best horrorgame since I played Layers of fear. Itis personal independence of conduct 

Ëxpect re-make and more language

w ^ish develop smoothly

Both beautiful and scary, I haven't seen such a good pixel style horror for quite some time now

spooky and very well done. I like it a lotttt.

Super fun and scary game!!!!

I loved this game! I thought it was fun, spooky and very well done. Check it out :) 

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This game was great fun and introspective! The scares aren't cheesy and the atmosphere is spot on!
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I really liked this! I'm sure you've heard all the praise by now, though. So just know another Lump out there appreciates what you did here! I didn't quite understand the story, kind of felt like two stories were going at once, but sometimes I'm just dumb!

Enjoy the video! Lumps Plays uses POP UP COMMENTS woot! You'll dig it. 

Cheers and keep making games! 🍻

NOPENOPENOPENOPE!! If THAT is what it takes to be loved, COUNT ME OUT! Such an intense and spooky horror experience! Finding a certain item takes a LOT OF FOCUS! Maybe make it slightly more obvious, 'cause that took quite some time to discover. Loving that pixelated look, the music and atmosphere definitely immerses the player into this warped reality. Fantastic game and can't wait to experience what you have in store for the future! 
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I just watched some  game videos,it's horrible but Anita is so cute!when I was watching the demo,I am always hoping she will appear once again,but..I am afraid some terrible things would happend ,too.I am wondering what killed Anita after watching the greet 9 years ago.It must be a sad but warmhearted story.QAQ

Yo loved the game. Amazingly simple graphics that only cause the experience of the game play to be more intense, nicely perform jump scares and with me playing a little scaredy cat as a main character.

now not joking loved the game and made a two part gameplay of it and hope ya enjoy it.

Yo, I've featured Umfend in my latest Horror Games video! Your game was definitely my favourite out of all the ones included in the video. I loved the pixelated style and the smooth controls! Cheers!

I really like this game. Not sure if that guess I made at the end of the game about what this was about was entirely correct, though.

I like this game very much, it is too fast clearance, I hope the game will have a better ending.

scared the poop out of me

What would be the recommended specs to run this game? Just want to make sure I can run it before trying to do so!

The game runs in low resolution and there aren't many effects, so while we don't know exact specs, the requirements should be low. It was developed on a laptop with an integrated video card after all.

I see! In that case, I will give it a try!

Created an account just for this game. Usually not my type of games, but this one feels different, maybe deeper than a simple horror game. I really hope the full game will be this good, because it be can't better than it is already *-* keep going and good luck ;)


Thank you for kind words and the art, we're really touched! We surely hope that the full game won't disappoint you. :)

What are the songs that play when pressing TAB after finishing the game? Would really appreciate a link or something if possible.

It's an original ambient. We'll think about including it in the full game OST.

Gave it go...

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