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The game is pretty fun, I had a few issues with walking back and forth waiting for something to happen.



The jumpscares, while scary, are still disappointing. The game is short but it's still enjoyable because of the mysterious Rita. 

The part where everything goes black felt like it was just a thing to make the game longer. I spent well over 20 minutes trying to get past it. I feel like there is an easy way to make your way out of the darkness, maybe with the sound, but I didn't figure it out.

I really liked the game but I have to quit it two times because I was in the dark with no flashlight and no way to tell where I am. btw hoy many of you are in Aihasto?


My goodness. The glitches in the game hit me right on the sweet spot. I absolutely enjoyed playing this game, I'm really glad I decided to check it out. It definitely is worth the time. 

game was pretty insane! I quite enjoyed it!

so, despite my game actinga bit weird in the firsat runm i reeeally liked it :D

i loved this but i think anita leaving a heart in my fridge was a little rude so I hope she reads some books on how to woo people

i almost died 

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I've got a few Questions for the community. What is the writing on floor in the Garage? And what does UMFEND Mean?

game is soo good (:

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This is pretty awesome. Great effects and good use of creepiness. Not sure I got the story right but I came up with a few theories in my playthrough. Great job!

hey jfyi, you might want to flag the download as being for windows so it works with the itch app

I absolutely loved playing this! I never knew what was going to happen next, I got so into it! One of the best indie horror games I've played this year <3 Alright, enough smoke up your ass haha I made a video! I hope you like it and stuff

Man this was a really good indie horror it was really scary although there was little background info on the girl the game gives you some info on her but the were she mentions she was all over the newspaper after that scene you could have put a random newspaper somewhere telling us what happen did she kill herself because we never gave her attention but  i do like the thought that the "experiment" was actually a time machine and it would explain why we find her alive in the end but overall this was a really good game i even did a lets play i hope to those who see this enjoy my commentary it's one of a kind  after all

Wow. This was an experience! I had absolutely no idea where this game was going to go from one second to the next and by the end I was left breathless, overwhelmed and little sweaty (erm, sorry... too much info!).

Honestly though, the retro style was delightful, the red herrings and being led from one room to another like I was taking part in some merry dance and then that ambiguous ending all tied together to make one heck of a game!

Really looking forward to seeing what you have in store next for us, keep up the amazing work! =)

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I Did a gameplay on it at night. It was a great story wish it had a little more detail on who she was while she was alive.

This game was incredible!! everything was absolutely perfect!! well done on creating this game!!! 


really cool game like the idea and the jump scares and music was perfect for the setting cant wait for more!!


Made a video


Awesom, lov the pixel art work, you can try mine -here- hope you like it


(Check out my full gameplay video below!) Loved the atmosphere! It's like Silent Hill PT but pixelated lol. Enjoyed it to the end! 10/10

It says its not for windows 


Deleted post

In my opinion this game falls short in a few ways, but ultimately more than makes up for it in others. The graphics without a doubt stood out to me the most. I understand its personal opinion, but I say with absolute honesty that this is one of the prettiest games I think I have played.  The low resolution and lighting work incredibly well together, and I would love to see more games made in this style. I also really felt there was a refreshingly high amount of polish to the game; holding down the esc button, the graphical glitches, and the design of the room really added to the feel of the game. For a short game I imagine it is tempting to cut corners with details like these, but the added effort really helps flesh it out. I think the horror theme was a good choice too, as it fitted well with these smaller details to improve immersion. The tension did fade away fairly quickly for me however, as even before the backstory with the girl had been laid out, I realised I wasn't in any real danger.  The very linear progression also made itself obvious after a while. It became clear that each event would be triggered by some action, and this took me out of the game a bit because I wasn't focused  on fulfilling the objective for the story's sake, but rather to initiate the next event. I imagine this is more down to the time dedicated to this part of the game however, so it is not a major issue.

All in all I definitely enjoyed Umfend. It isn't perfect, but if Aihasto manages to work on its flaws for a later version, or perhaps a new game entirely, I can easily see this being one of my favourite horror games. I initially payed a dollar, but I will donate a bit more now, in hopes of seeing more games from Aihasto. Excited for what the future may hold.


The pixelated horror complete with spooky child, hordes of bugs (insects not programming issues) and one cold,  cold heart... but whos' heart may shock you.

what platform was used to develop the game? It's amazing! Please answer, thanks


GREAT GAME, I loved both the horror and story aspects of it. 

can I ask you how long did it take you to develop the game from start to finish ?

2.5 Weeks.


Lovely little game. I kind of interpreted this as a squatter though. Up until the love story was introducted... xD
Here's my take on it:


This game blew me away. First off, I loved the pixelated style graphics. I feel like your character models look a lot more eerie with them. I can tell there was a good amount of thought put into the story, and I obviously didn't understand what was going on for a while there. A good story is what's lacking in a lot of indie horror games these days, so that really made this game great. The ambiance really got me. Random glitches here and there, creepy surroundings and that overall feeling of "something is stalking me" really kept me on edge the whole time. The atmosphere was just totally immersive. I was 100% drawn into this game not even five minutes in. The little details here and there, things changing around as the game progressed was an awesome detail. It's super edgy to feel like there is something in the house with you. I didn't show it in the video, but I liked the little touch of the game getting all glitchy when you hold down the ESC key to quit. I could go on all day talking about this game. Anyways, this was amazing and PLEASE make a prequel/sequel. Thanks so much for making this!


A GLITCH IN LOVE | Umfend Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Umfend is a really great game. The only thing that kind of sucks is the obvious forced hand to do things. This is to progress the story along. I don't really mind that but, it just feels like while i'm being led along it drags the game out. I think it's harder to make a let's play with that. I'm sure most have to chop things out. The story really is good and, unique  the pixel art style fits well with the atmosphere of the game.

Can you possibly make a port of this game for macs?

No, sorry.

If you made it in Unity, you can make a mac version. I know you can't test it since you don't have a mac, but I can test it for you.


really enjoyed and i was wondering if this game features demon babies that attack you from the ceiling

This game was scary!  I enjoyed having to complete the game objectives and the pixelated style for this game insanely good!  


Really creepy game. Loved it.


This game was completely amazing! I had to take a short break because I got legitimately too scared to go on. XD I sincerely hope you pursue making a sequel! 


An excellent short indie horror shame theres not more like this on itchio very original


A superb pixelated horror game. Sound and atmosphere are spot on. Never knowing what is coming next always keeps you on edge. A fantastic job on this... :)

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