Demo Updated and Full Version News

We updated the demo to include an option to turn off the pixelated look and a Turkish translation. No new content aside from that. 

However, the trailer for the full version will be released soon, and we would like to share some details of the upcoming game. 

First of all, it won't be pixelated. However, it will feature more detailed graphics and more elaborate animations. You can check out the new look in the attached images. 

Secondly, it will feature scenes both before and after the events of the demo, and a proper ending of the story. Those who asked for more Anita will probably enjoy it. More light puzzle elements will be introduced. 

Lastly, it is planned to launch in the end of the Autumn on Steam, then, several days later, on It will cost 4,99$. 

We hope that fans of the demo won't be disappointed with the game. 

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Sep 24, 2018

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Welp i watched this game a several months ago and looked back at it. 

Its pretty good and I like the look of the graphics. Keep the good work up. 

Btw I hope the mc is gettin it with Anita if u know what I mean. O(≧∇≦)O