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A girl comes to a mysterious machine located deep in the forest. This place is dangerous, many different beings live in the woods. Why she is here? Soon we will find out.

Девушка прибегает к загадочной машине, что находится в лесной чаще. Лес таит в себе множество опасностей - в нем обитают различные чудовища. Что она делает в таком месте? Скоро вы узнаете. 

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TagsAbstract, Arcade, demo, fariwalk, fire, Forest, Horror, night, Surreal


NIGHT AND FIRE demo.zip 107 MB


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Hey this is our favorite demo on all itch.io. I would pay at least 40€ for the full release and a linux build.

I don't get how this game works.

This game is very nice! :D this atmosphere is just perfect ^^

Very neat, original and atmospheric, much like Fariwalk. Nice stuff!


Thank you!

I only played for like 60 minutes and just started crying. Good game, i like it.


whats the controller whats the button to interact with object


As far as I can tell: WASD or Arrow Keys to Move, E to Interact.

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I tried pressing E but it doesn't seem to work. Oh well. Thank you though.

Try checking the Input tab in the Unity start-up prompt (the one that lets you specify resolution, windowed mode, and graphics quality on the default tab it's opened to) that should occur on game launch: It should ideally show you what Unity's set default controls to therein for whatever region/language you've got your keyboard(s) set to.

This games mechanics are pretty interesting already! I like balancing activating the machine, while trying to keep away the monsters! 

lmao that was hilarious

You know, you've really got something here. One of those rare things, a game that's equal parts frustrating and riveting. I didn't want to stop, even though I lost my mind!

I also enjoyed the "having to figure things out on your own" aspect, learning what everything does and when to use it. If you hold players' hands too much in a game like this I think something would be lost, so definitely keep that aspect =)

All in all I think this is looking really good so far, especially with the nice mysterious story hidden away in the background! Keep up the awesome work, can't wait to see where this goes next!

This got me a few good times... This was absolutely nerve wrecking! Loved Fariwalk, love this, can't wait to see what you release next!

Watch my fear ->

I love it ,  It's a good game  and I want to game when it's finished :'D,  is entertained and If you don't want be a puzzle, you  should put instructions, but it's ok for me , not is necessary.
Good job for the titan xD, I like it.
Only if you can make  a best monster, i think it  be more attractive. 

Today you win a fan!!!

Yeah,hah. Thanks!Problems will be solved.The full version is being developed.(sorry for my english).(p.s. titan - ymir? XD)

Looks very promising but too hard at this point for me :)


My anti-virus software blocked the exe from running at the unity run window and closed it and took away my permission to even open it.  I'm not saying that this is a scam, other people seem to have no problems, but the game might have some virus that the devs don't know about.

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I don't think that there is something serious.I checked it.Anyway,thanks for message!

I made it! Very nice game you created guys, scary, tense and charming at the same time. Cool idea to add horror atmosphere and spooks to a puzzle game, it's harder to think it through to the end, but you get ultimate satisfaction for completing it!

I made a video playthrough/walkthrough:

if you want to check, there are a couple of bugs, like sometimes you can't use the grind stone anymore or the girl getting stuck on the fire pit, but overall a very good game, best of luck for the full release, cheers :D


Got that jumpscare at the moment I stopped the vid. I wasn't scared.