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Nice game!, It's a great horror game, give it 4/5, i almost peed my pants while playing xD

Thanks for making this game, And Keep up the good work! :D

This game squeezed a bunch of awkward noises I'm not comfortable with, but here is video evidence. 


I'm so glad I found this game, because this is exactly the type of horror game we need. I just freaking loved playing it through!

Really a great game but I'm also looking for more as well. Happy to hear that a second game is in the works to help elaborate on the story and really expand on such an interesting game! 

Umfend is amazing. Horror games humble me with jumpscares, but this game humbles me in the fact that it is always creepy and I didn't know what was going to happen next. I loved umfend and this is what a horror game should be like. My opinion anyways. I wish there was more. 

I can't handle horror games they make me look like a wuss. watch my video if you guys want to

I made a video, it's a bit boring but check it plzzz thanku.

Pretty swell game! I feel like I understood the point of the story, but if not, lemme know.

Love the extra menu as well! Wish more games did that!

I love this!

I liked the game, and like everyone else I made an unfunny and boring video.

A creepy one ya did here and some of the scares actually got me so good job! I had a lot of fun with this one~

Hey there, fantastic job on this. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Here is a video of my experience with the game if you're into that kind of thing. 

Absolutely crazy, scary and I loved it! Great game. :D

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Fantastic game. Jump scares don't usually get me. However.....

10/10 Would jump again.

This game was such a journey! The art was beautiful, the story was brilliant and the horror was so well thought out! i did discover a bug (or perhaps it was something that randomly happens...idk) where after u go into the ktichen (right afteru see anita sitting behind the the sofa), for some reason, after the lights get turned off the main character does not bring out his flash light. I had to restart the game and everything was perfectly fine

leaving that bug aside, i reeeeally loved this game, this is genuinely the first horror game i actually liked (this is coming from someone who absolutely haaaaates horror games). i am still a little confused on the story though lol 

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Great game i love the pixel art style it fit very well with the game. The doors closing and sounds got me it was really scary for some reason to me it felt a lot like PT. At sometimes it was a bit confusing but apart from that great game.

The game was fairly well made, and I don't know why you'd wanna change the pixel style, it fits very well with the game. It was a very nice experience, a problem I had was trying to walk around in the dark. Either way though great game, it was scary at some points but maybe it was just me being silly.

The game is pretty fun, I had a few issues with walking back and forth waiting for something to happen.



The jumpscares, while scary, are still disappointing. The game is short but it's still enjoyable because of the mysterious Rita. 

The part where everything goes black felt like it was just a thing to make the game longer. I spent well over 20 minutes trying to get past it. I feel like there is an easy way to make your way out of the darkness, maybe with the sound, but I didn't figure it out.

I really liked the game but I have to quit it two times because I was in the dark with no flashlight and no way to tell where I am. btw hoy many of you are in Aihasto?


My goodness. The glitches in the game hit me right on the sweet spot. I absolutely enjoyed playing this game, I'm really glad I decided to check it out. It definitely is worth the time. 

game was pretty insane! I quite enjoyed it!

so, despite my game actinga bit weird in the firsat runm i reeeally liked it :D

i loved this but i think anita leaving a heart in my fridge was a little rude so I hope she reads some books on how to woo people

i almost died 

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I've got a few Questions for the community. What is the writing on floor in the Garage? And what does UMFEND Mean?

game is soo good (:

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This is pretty awesome. Great effects and good use of creepiness. Not sure I got the story right but I came up with a few theories in my playthrough. Great job!

hey jfyi, you might want to flag the download as being for windows so it works with the itch app

I absolutely loved playing this! I never knew what was going to happen next, I got so into it! One of the best indie horror games I've played this year <3 Alright, enough smoke up your ass haha I made a video! I hope you like it and stuff

Man this was a really good indie horror it was really scary although there was little background info on the girl the game gives you some info on her but the were she mentions she was all over the newspaper after that scene you could have put a random newspaper somewhere telling us what happen did she kill herself because we never gave her attention but  i do like the thought that the "experiment" was actually a time machine and it would explain why we find her alive in the end but overall this was a really good game i even did a lets play i hope to those who see this enjoy my commentary it's one of a kind  after all

Wow. This was an experience! I had absolutely no idea where this game was going to go from one second to the next and by the end I was left breathless, overwhelmed and little sweaty (erm, sorry... too much info!).

Honestly though, the retro style was delightful, the red herrings and being led from one room to another like I was taking part in some merry dance and then that ambiguous ending all tied together to make one heck of a game!

Really looking forward to seeing what you have in store next for us, keep up the amazing work! =)

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I Did a gameplay on it at night. It was a great story wish it had a little more detail on who she was while she was alive.

This game was incredible!! everything was absolutely perfect!! well done on creating this game!!! 

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